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Although we don't use LED strip lights as the main lighting in our homes and offices, they are very useful for a number of other purposes like decoration, accents, ambience, etc. RGB LED strips with a small remote are very popular and cheap. But there is a new type of LED strip called RGBIC in the market. What is this RGBIC? How is it different from regular RGB LED lighting? Which to buy: RGB or RGBIC? We will find the answers to all these questions in this RGBIC vs RGB comparison guide.

A brief note about LED strip lights

LED strip lights are nothing more than a string of LEDs arranged in series on a flexible (but sometimes rigid) surface. They are extremely fashionable lighting decorations, stairs, theater (cinema or play), holiday, hallway, car and much more.

They come in single color options, usually different shades of white (cold, neutral, and warm) and can also be in RGB form that can display red, green, blue, or any combination. any combination of the primary colors. RGB LED Strip

An RGB LED strip, as the name suggests, consists of RGB LEDs in series. Each LED in the series is made up of red, green and blue LEDs. With a suitable controller and a simple PWM signal, we can produce red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta, white and many other colors (combining the three primary colors) are red, blue and green).

Almost all PWM techniques use 8 bit signals, so each primary color (red, blue, and green) can have a range from 0 to 255. When we combine the three colors, about theoretically we can get 256 × 256 × 256 or 16777216 different colors .

RGB LED strip lights are simple, inexpensive, and easy to use. Simply mount the LED strip to a surface (under kitchen cabinets, behind TVs, along stairs, to name a few common applications), connect the strip to the included controller, power it up and you're good to go. it, RGB LED strip is working.

Most of them come with a simple IR remote in the kit. The remote has several base colors and a few patterns (blinking, smooth, running, etc.).


There's a new player in town and it's an RGBIC LED strip. It is also technically an RGB LED in the sense that it can display red, green, and blue colors as well as any combination of these colors. But how is RGBIC different from RGB?

That is the name itself. RGBIC has an integrated circuit, IC for short, on the LED strip (actually, there are several integrated circuits on the strip). What makes these integrated circuits special? Well, for starters, they allow for better control of the LEDs.

Things are slightly different in the RGBIC LED strip. Due to the presence of smart ICs along the entire length of the strip, we basically split the strip into several segments, with each segment consisting of an IC and a few LEDs.

The number of LEDs per segment can vary by strip or by LED type. In the case of standard WS2812B LEDs, each LED has a controller (built-in). But another can have three LEDs for each IC. The advantage of such segmentation is that we can control the colors of these segments independently of the others (whether it's one LED, three LEDs, whatever).

Difference: RGBIC vs RGB

It is clear that although RGB and RGBIC can display multiple colors, the way they do so is quite different. We will explore more differences between RGBIC and RGB now.

When to use: RGBIC vs RGB?

If you want to set the mood of the room (living room or game room), then with RGBIC LED strip lights you can have much more targeted control than you can have with RGB LED strip lights. Inference

LED string lights are compact lighting devices that can help you decorate, illuminate different areas of your home, car or garden. RGB LED strips are very popular and easy to use. RGBIC LED strip lights are a new thing that has a big advantage over regular RGB LED strip lights: you can put multiple colors on the strip at the same time. This is possible due to ICS (hence the name) and its segmentation. We have seen the difference between RGBIC and RGB LED Strip Lights and also know where and when to use RGBIC over RGB.

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